what is the best smartphone brand?

What is the best smartphone?
Choosing best smartphone brand is something that regularly divides opinion among smartphone users but in this article "TechPhoneReviews" is going to expertly analyze and categorically state the top smartphone brands in the industry.


I can say boldly that Samsung is the best smartphone brand of all time in the industry majorly because all their smartphone products has always being on point ranging from Samsung S3 to the pending S8. They offer what Apple offers for thousands of dollars for only a few hundred bucks’ i.e. value for money.
 Samsung leads the smartphone industry with a market share of 22 percent in Q2 2017.


Our number two slot goes to Apple. The company only do not produce high quality phones but also produces a well-protected Smartphone i.e. they are the leader when it comes to producing top quality and secure Smartphones .The Company also holds 11 percent of the market shares globally.
You being able to get an IPhone means you might be financially balance but that doesn't mean you are more balance than users of other smartphones.


LG is not only on our list due to their impressive figures but are on our list due to top quality products they have produced over the years for insanely cheap prices ranging from LG G3 to LG G6.    The most interesting thing about this brand is their products competes with the products of other big companies like Apple, Samsung with price into consideration.


Definitely one of the best smartphones producing companies in the industry. They are known for producing beautiful and top quality camera smartphones

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