which apps are the best apps for iphone

I know some of you guys will be thinking hard about “How Apple won my heart” recently. The fact is I can’t explain how it happened either but I just can’t stop writing about one of the biggest brands of all time. In this post, I will be mentioning “Important IPhone Apps that you should have”
Let's roll…

Top IPhone Health Apps You Must Have
Epocrates: Epocrates provides you with information about drugs, dosage, adverse effects
WebMD: WebMD health application is a must-have app on your IPhone device. It has been rated to be user-friendly in terms of feeding you with the right information that keeps your health in a great condition.
Cardiio: Cardiio works in a great way by letting you monitor your heart rate. With this app, you will be able to monitor your present condition/shape; thanks to the effective workout and guides.

Top IPhone Location AppsYou Must Have
Foursquare: Foursquare is used for getting a clue about places, getting to know where friends are and letting friends know where you are.
RunKeeper: Personally I don’t think RunKeeper is as important as Foursquare but it’s not bad either. It is used for tracking where you are moving or cycling.
Glympse: Glympse is also a great app. It’s used for sending people a temporary map of where you are.

Top IPhone Map based Apps You Must Have
Trapster: Trapster is a very great and crazy app to have on your IPhone device. It shows you where Police and traffic cameras are located.
AroundMe: Aroundme shows you the location of business around you (gas station, etc.)
Find IPhone: Find IPhone is used for locating IPhone when you mistakenly misplace it.

Top IPhone Travel AppsYou Must Have
Room77: Room77 finds the best room in a hotel for you
Hipmunk: Hipmunk makes your journey smooth and easier by finding you a flight or hotel.
TripIt: TripIt keeps all information about your travel and help you get information from airlines and others

Top IPhone News Apps You Must Have
CNN: keeps you updated
BBC News: keeps you updated throughout the day.
TED Mobile: lets you know about the latest technology in town

 Kindly drop more good apps that you know...

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