why android hangs- Reasons & Solutions

Why android devices hang sometimes?
Why Android hangs?

Android devices as we all know is the most common and most used mobile device in the world packaged with excellent features and can perform so many amazing functions but some qualities make this device not to so great after all like it starts hanging after using it for a period of time, reduction in battery life after 2months of usage (depending on the manufacturer) and so on. In today’s post, we going to be talking about the reasons why mobile android device hangs and how to prevent it.
Hanging is the main problem in mobile android devices and you encounter this problem mostly when you want to perform really important tasks like let’s say you want to perform a bank transaction, play games and all.
Here are few causes and solutions:

Full Cache Memory
  A device that is always surfing the internet is prone to have the problem of full cache memory which will slow down the operation of the device, thereby causing it to hang. This is caused when a user that surfs the web too much doesn’t clear the cache memory which stores temporary information about the websites surfed and over time the temporary information stored here will take up the device memory and this causes the device to slow down and probably crash if the user doesn’t clear the cache after a period of time.
SOLUTION:  Always clear the cache memory of your device after each browse section.

  I know this is the most common reason behind hone hanging but the real cause of this is installing an untrusted third-party app. These are applications that are not preinstalled on the phone and are downloaded from unofficial websites to perform specific functions for the user. Untrusted third-party applications may contain a virus that alters the way your Android device works and corrupting the operating system of your device making it perform tasks it’s not designed to do altering.    
SOLUTION: Only install applications from trusted official websites or from the app store.

Low Internal Memory
 The internal memory of a phone is the primary memory that stores music, applications, videos that the user downloads or uses. The internal memory gets filled easily with time if the contents are not deleted to free up space. A user that keeps a lot on the device and doesn’t free up enough space may encounter phone hanging problems. 
SOLUTION: Always delete unused contents like applications, songs, movies, videos from phone to free up enough space to run smoothly.

Running many applications at a Time
  Running multiple applications at a time on the device may slow down the speed of the device because these are running in the background if not properly closed. This act causes the processor to fetch too many instructions at a time and the more the instructions (application) the slower the processor speed becomes hereby makes the phone hang. A user with the habit of running many applications at a time may suffer from this (especially when the device specification doesn’t meet the application requirement). 
SOLUTION: Always close all applications not in use properly to prevent hanging or freezing.

Installing many applications
 Some users just keep multiple applications on the device to make it look so nerdy and important but they do not know they are doing the opposite. They install applications they do not really actually use/need and these applications take up resources (space in the internal memory) on the device. 
SOLUTION: The only solution to prevent this from causing phone freeze on your phone is to uninstall all applications not needed/used by the user.
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