Reasons why iPhone gets hot & the Solutions

Your device/gadgets getting hot is really an annoying thing that most gadget/device owners go through daily. In most cases, your IPhone getting hot doesn’t mean it’s bad/faulty. IPhone is really a very great smartphone to have but at times, overheating can lead to a very serious problem. But no worries in this post we are going to teach you “how to prevent your IPhone device from getting hot” and the best ways to keep your IPhone cool. In this post, TechPhoneReviews will employ a one step at a time approach so that everybody will understand why IPhone gets hot and how to prevent your IPhone from getting hot.  Let’s start………..

Why Your IPhone Device Gets Hot
  • ·        Using 3G/4G
  • ·        Poor Signal
  • ·        Heavy covering which leads to poor heat dissipation
  • ·        Running Multiple Programs at the same time
  • ·        3G/4G is on while Playing Game
  • ·        You are using a fake charger
  • ·        Many junk files and system cache

Under Normal circumstance, your phone being overheated should be caused by one of the above-listed reasons. If the cause of your IPhone overheating falls under none of the above-listed options then the next possible bet is your battery being faulty.

How to prevent your IPhone from getting hot

Remove Case
Remove any heavy covering/case from your device. This looks unimportant but it’s definitely the first thing to do because in most cases this turns out to be the cause. Remove the case for some time. You can put it back when your phone becomes cool. If it doesn’t get cool try any other solution listed below.

Don’t use device while charging
Using your device while charging makes the battery work more than it should and this will definitely make the device to get hot. So next time, let your phone rest while charging it.

Still Hot while charging?
Stop charging it if you observe it being hot while charging. After unplugging try to observe whether it becomes cool. If device becomes cool after unplugging it, check cable and adaptor carefully to verify it being fault free

Hide from sunlight
Always Take It away from direct sunlight. Keeping your IPhone in your bag for some minutes will do you no harm

Stop the Game
IPhone is not a gaming device. Though playing a game with your IPhone device is no sin but you have to think about the negative part of it too, especially In this era, where we have a lot of advance graphical games which will definitely heat up your device.

Off the Location Feature
Your Location service is always on? If your location service is always on then you are definitely the cause of your IPhone Overheating. Location service is a very special thing that has saved me a lot of times but it doesn’t make sense to leave it on when you don’t really need it, because it heats up your device automatically be it Android, IPad, IPhone etc. If you are really concerned about your device overheating then you only need to on the location service when you need it.

Off Device when not in use
If possible always turn the device off when not in use. With this approach, you have automatically minimized what your IPhone does daily. With this, your phones overheating rate will also drop drastically.

Check Your Battery Usage
Checking your battery usage allows you to check those apps that drain your battery and cause your iPhone's overheating problems. By checking your battery usage you will know easily those apps that are your enemies i.e. you will easily know the apps to delete.

Update Your Apps
Thinking about updating your app to stop your IPhone from getting hot may make no sense to you. But it really makes a huge lot of sense…. In a situation where your app has a bug, updating your app will be really helpful because the developer of the app might have discovered the bug and got it fixed.
After the update has been completed. If luckily, the reason for your IPhone being hot is “App having bug”. The problem will definitely be solved after the update has been done.

Upgrade IOS regularly
Upgrade your IOS frequently. IOS updates comes with a lot of new updates and fixes to current bugs

Clear Junk Files and System Cache
Too many Junk files and System cache slows down the way your phone processes and makes it hot. Hmmmmm, you don’t know the tool that can be used to clear junk files and system cache? If yes is the answer, then the tool to use is power clean. Power clean is a powerful tool that cleans up junk files and system cache from your phone without any negative impact on the normal use.

Backup and Restore
This is a very difficult choice and nobody likes this because it takes a lot of time for the process to be completed. Although this depends on how really large your files are. The last time I Backup and restore an iPhone it took over 5 hours of my time to complete the process. Backup and restore is highly effective and this is what Apple repairers normally do first before proceeding to the next step (if there is need though). You don’t know how to go about it? No problem.
First Step:
Locate and click setting, next click ICloud, then click Backup and Restore
Second Step:
Backup your IPhone to iTunes by connecting to your computer and choosing Backup in the iTunes app
Third Step:
After the backup has been completed, connect the IPhone to a computer and click Restore
Last Step:
Go through the restore process and restore the device from your backup.
The negative side is that the “Backup and restore looks very stressful” but the positive side is that “it’s an effective troubleshooting technique and may solve your iPhone's problem”.

Conclusion: This overheating issue is a normal thing and its common on every device be it Apple product, Android Product etc. The solution Provided above works effectively on IPhone 4, IPhone 4s, IPhone 5, IPhone 5s, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone SE, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPad, iPad Mini, iPad Air and iPad Pro.

IPhone still gets hot after following our approaches?
If your IPhone device still overheats after applying all the solutions provided above, Then the problem may be a bit bigger than we expected. You will now have to visit the nearest Apple repair center or any authorized repair professionals' center.

Were you able to solve the problem of your IPhone being hot after applying these tricks? Feel free to ask any questions via comment box provided below

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