Why Jail Break Your iPhone,iPad,iPod

In this post, we will be discussing why you should jailbreak your IPhone, IPad & iPod and why not?

What is jailbreaking?
Jailbreaking is the process of changing/modifying your IPad, IPod or IPhone software, in order to remove the restrictions and limitations placed on the software by Apple. The main limitation of Apple is that you can only get/download apps from the App Store. By Jailbreaking your IPad, IPhone you will easily get/be able to download apps from the third party store to the App Store.
Recently, people have been asking/requesting to know whether jailbreaking is legal or not.
I am glad to tell you that Jailbreaking is totally legal and allows you to have more control over your IPhone device.
NOTE: But before attempting to jailbreak your IPhone make sure you BACKUP your device in case one thing or the other goes wrong.

Reasons Why You Should Jail Break Your IPhone Device

Customization Power
After customizing your device, you will have a greater customization power over it. You will be able to do extra customization easily without any problem i.e. you can change theme, font icon, SMS ringtone, wallpaper and much more

Third Party Download Power
After Jailbreaking your IPhone, you will easily be able to download more apps from third-party apps (Apps that are not on Apple store)

Gestures Control Activation
By jailbreaking your IPhone, you can use gestures like, swiping back to home screen(Exit an app to go back to home page) without touching your home and power button.

Total Power
It is your phone and you paid heavily for it. By Jail Breaking your IPhone, you will have absolute control over your device and can do anything on it without Apple controlling you.

Phone Unlocked
Jailbreaking your IPhone/IPad/iPod comes with a great benefit of your device being automatically unlocked for use with other carriers other than AT & T (Although this may be possible without jailbreaking at times)

Jailbreaking your IPhone/IPad/iPod or IOS automatically enable tethering on your device i.e. you will be able to share mobile device internet connection with other devices such as Laptop, phones or Wi-Fi only tablet. This gives you authority to share your internet connection any way you like

Risks of Jail Breaking Your IPhone Device

Prone To Attack
Your IPhone/IPad will be vulnerable to attacks or threats. If you are not careful with the way you get files from third-party stores, some bad apps may corrupt your phone with malware, spyware or adware, which will clearly cause some major problems.

Update Problem
Once you update your IOS device, your jailbroken phone will be neutralized by default i.e. every update will cancel your jailbreak. Or you may have to wait patiently until an updated jailbreak is made available.

You may lose warranty
Once you jailbreak your IPhone/IPad, your warranty may become invalid and meaningless because Apple employer may decide not to pity you because nobody forced you to take the decision.                   
  From Apple’s support article on jailbreaking:
“Apple strongly cautions against installing any software that hacks the iOS. It is also important to note that unauthorized modification of the iOS is a violation of the iPhone end-user license agreement and because of this, Apple may deny service for an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch that has installed any unauthorized software.”
But if anything really goes bad, you can still Prevent/stop Apple support from knowing you jailbreak by just restoring its factory setting.
Note: After you have restored your factory settings, the IPhone/IPad/iPod or any IOS device will look exactly the way you bought it and nobody will know your device was jailbreak except you tell them.

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