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Today, TechPhoneReviews will be tackling one of the biggest problem IPhone user’s face which is IPhone device not turning off. If your IPhone device fails to turn off by default you may be thinking that your IPhone is faulty or something bad has happened. These thoughts are normal, but if this has happened to you or someone close, you have no more worries because in this post we will make you understand all the things that are probably going on with your IPhone device and how to solve them...

Reason Why Your IPhone Is Not Turning Off

  • IPhone  has frozen due to software problem
  • Faulty Button

Possible Solutions to IPhone Not Turning Off
If you are presently experiencing the issues of “IPhone Not Turning Off” worry no more, because we have carefully listed the approaches that solve the problem below:

Approach 1:
Firstly, hold the sleep key (what people normally call the power button) for like 10 seconds or until the power off screen shows up, after it has shown up slide the slider to the right

Approach 2:
This second Approach is what professionals refer to as hard reset. To hard reset, your phone simply hold the sleep key and the home key at the same time, don’t release this buttons until your phone restarts and Apple logo shows up. After the Apple logo has shown up release the two buttons and the IPhone should restart normally

Approach 3:
If the second approach doesn’t solve your problem keep calm, Approach 3 will definitely solve it. Leave your IPhone uncharged until the battery becomes low and it shutdowns itself. After you have confirmed it shutting down itself, you are free to charge it again. After charging the phone should start working fine.

Approach 4:
If All the Above listed Approaches didn’t work for you, then the best thing to do is go to the nearest Apple store around you or any trusted apple repairer center

If you have followed the above-listed approaches, then by now you should be able to turn off your IPhone device without facing any further problem. Feel free to ask us any question using the comment box below, getting feedbacks will be highly appreciated
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