Why iPhone keeps crashing-Solution

Why IPhone keeps crashing or slows down often?

Just like Android devices, iPhones are also prone to crashing. It may either be a simple software crash or the phone itself may even crash. In an iPhone, applications crash due to so many reasons which are mostly unknown to the user at times. We have a few crash reasons and how to resolve them from experience when I was using my IPhone.
Most of the times we tend to run too many applications at a time and sometimes we do not close recently opened applications which may be running in the background hereby using up memory/ space.
A bad iOS habit of closing these background applications is using the app switcher to kill the applications, but it is advisable to follow the method below to kill the applications:
·         Hold lock button to power off screen appears
·         Hold home button till it returns to the home
The above method may not appear to kill the applications because they will still be in the app switcher in order of use but their operations have been terminated and they are not using the phone’s memory anymore.
The iOS version also affects device performance. A device with a iOS version 9 and above tend to perform more than iOS version 8 and below because the update features in later version support improved underground application performance. Even though Apple tends to provide the best functionality for their devices the upgrade in the iOS version sets a very high standard difference.

IPhone Totally crashes
If your IPhone totally crashed like the screen gone completely blank and the power button is not waking the phone, you do not need to freak out just follow the following steps below and your device will be back up.  
·         Hold the power button and the home buttons all at ones
·         Release the buttons after the apple logo is displayed on the screen.
NB: This should not be done every time because IPhone restarts on its own when it runs into a problem.

IPhone crashes Often
This is a more complicated problem than the type of crash earlier discussed and it's more complicated to diagnose a device that often crashes. This is a piece of cake for Android users because there are built-tools for this in android but this is not possible on an IPhone.
The only way to solve this problem is just updating the iOS version but this solution only promises stability in the device i.e. reducing the number of times it crashes but not stopping it from crashing later on.

Application keeps crashing
Sometimes important applications may crash at important times you need them and you may be very angry but indirectly you are the cause of it and not the developer or the company that developed the application. What most users do is kill it with the app switcher and restart again before using it again. This method is unlikely to solve the issue.
It is advised to restart your device and sometimes it may be because the version of the application, so it is advised you update your application often. You can get update notifications by enabling it in the settings menu.
Can’t Fix It
If the problem encountered while using your device can’t be solved here and you have tried all your best but all to no avail, I advise you contact the developer of the application if it is an application crash issue or contact Apple Company to resolve iOS issues.

Do not solve any problem on your device if you do not trust the source of the solution or if the method does not support iOS standards which may void your warranty. 

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