iPhone,iPad,iPod shutting down-Reasons & Solution

Are you here because you want to put an end to “iPhone keeps shutting off “problem. In this post, I will tell you why your iPod, iPhone, and IPad keeps shutting off while your battery is still greater than 20%. I will make this article an iPhone based article because I have a very big iPhone experience but iPod and iPad users can also solve the problem of their iOS device shutting down because it is exactly the same process but before I proceed on how to stop iPhone from shutting down, I will like to list some of the possible causes of iPhone shutting off.
Note: Going to Apple store to solve the issue of your iPhone, iPad or iPod shutting down is the best way but maybe stressful, so before scheduling a visit to the nearest Apple Store try some of the tips that provided below

Some Possible Causes Of iPhone/IPad/iPod Shutting Down

  • Faulty Battery
  • Firmware Glitches
  • Software on the device causing malfunction

Solutions to IOS Device Shutting Itself Down
Force Restart
Force restarting your iOS device works in most cases especially if the problem is a software related one.
How to force restart
Press and hold the power button and home button together simultaneously till your device restarts itself (Your screen will go blank before the logo shows up).

Note: to force restart your iPhone 7 or newer device, press and hold down your sleep/wake button and home button together simultaneously. Don’t leave the buttons until Apple logo shows up on your screen (Your screen will go blank before the logo shows up)

Once you are done with the restarting your iOS device, your IPad, IPod or IPhone should stay on and operational but if the reverse is the case, simply move on to the next provided solution.

De-Charge Battery
Simply de-charge your Battery to 0 percent. Then recharge it till it gets to 100 percent, this alone solves the shutting down problem for many iPhone users.
What does this really do?
In most cases, it retrain or reformat the battery hardware
In some cases, it also fixes battery indication issue where the battery indicator gives bad data.

Upgrade to Latest IOs
From my experience as a tech professional, in some cases, a mere updating of your iOS device solved the problem

Restore Factory Settings
If all the solutions provided above hasn’t solved your problem, don’t panic yet, we still have a way for you. Your next best bet is Factory reset on your iOS device. You don’t know how to go about it? Simply follow the steps provided below

  1. ·        Plug your IPhone/iPad/iPod to any available computer and launch iTunes
  2. ·        From iTunes select “Back Up Now” option
  3. ·        After the completion of your Backup, choose to restore iPhone or iOS device from the iTunes option
  4. ·        Wait Till the Restore is complete
  5. ·        After the restore, your IPhone will look like a new device
  6. ·        Restore your iPhone from the backup you made in iTunes.

This kind of restore and backup comes with software update i.e. latest version of iOS comes with it. Another advantage of this is that it solves known and unknown bugs.
Other Possible Solution: Charge the ios device for about 1 hour. Do not turn On during this process, wait until the 1 hour is complete before charging

Conclusion: If you are still experiencing the issue of “IPhone, iPod, iPad shutting down, you have to visit the nearest Apple repair center.

The solution Provided above works effectively on IPhone 4, IPhone 4s, IPhone 5, IPhone 5s, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone SE, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPad, iPad Mini, iPad Air and iPad Pro.
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