Why android phones charge slowly- Reasons & Solutions

Why android phones charges slowly and battery runs down quickly

I remember those good days I could use my phone for hours streaming, playing high def games with my data on and my battery would be as strong as it if it was new but it’s a new story these days. My phone doesn’t even last half a day even if fully charged before I discovered causes of this slow charging, quick battery rundown and how to stop it. Today on our blog we will be teaching you reasons your android phone charges slowly and why battery rundown quickly like a countdown device we will also teach you techniques on how to increase your battery life.

Possible Causes of Smartphone Charging Slow

Weak Power Source
If you are a person that uses your Computer or PC to charge your device I’d advise you stop it, apart from the fact that it charges your phone very slowly you stand a chance of getting your battery spoilt. Irrespective of the USB type even with a USB 3.0 which gives the 9.0mA or the USB 2.0 that produces 5mA. This goes for other charging methods like the wireless charging and usage of power bank. I am not saying it’s not good to use these methods of charging but it’ll be faster and safer to charge with the phone plugged in. 

Bad Battery
Sometimes users do not really believe bad batteries could cause slow charging. A scenario is when the battery takes hours to charge but won’t last a full hour. The best solution is to return the battery to the manufacturer if the warranty is not void and the company would know what to do about it any other way could damage your phone beyond repairs.

Damaged USB Port
Yeah, damaged USB port can cause slow charging and that will even happen if you are lucky sometimes your phone may not even charge. This is what all phone users run away from after screen splash because phone addicts can’t really go a day without their device and would even prefer the slow charging. So the only solution here is to take your phone to a repair center or preferably take it to the manufacturer for repair it if your warranty is still valid.

Bad Cable
Another cause of slow charging is a bad cable. You should always check your cable if it's not charging or if it's charging slowly. It is normal that after a period of time the cable may stop working due to the wear and tear caused by how we use and keep it.

Solutions to Smartphone Slow Charging

Change the Charging cable
Changing the charging cable after a period of time may help you prevent slow charging just as talked earlier. And you should be careful on the type of charger you change preferably, you should take it to the manufacturer to get the best cable.

Do not charge with Laptop, Wireless charger, and Power bank
Since we all know charging with any other source that is not the direct power supply is bad even with USB 3.0 charging (for me). It’s not that they are not cool It’s not just as fast as the direct plugged in charging.

Do not use Phone while charging
We phone addicts have this issue of using your phone while charging it. And we all know its very bad because it shortens the battery life and slows down changing especially when you running a really heavy application, streaming HD videos online and all. So you should avoid using your device while charging.

Change your Phone battery
If your phone is an old one let’s say more a year or so you should try to change the battery and this is because there is a probability that your battery is weak.
I think you now know reasons your phone charge slowly and how to fix the issue.
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