Why iPad ,iPhone is not connecting to Wireless- Solutions

Congratulations to you for making it to this article. This article will help you point out, Troubleshoot and fix wireless connection problems if you have been battling with the issue of iPhone, iPad not connecting to Wi-Fi. It’s a very bad experience for most Smartphone users but today, TechPhoneReviews will put an end to the bad experience today. Most iPhone users normally experience this problem after upgrading their iOS. The unusual thing is that other iOS users experience the issue of “of iPhone, IPad, IPod not connecting to Wi-F” after skipping iOS update!
Below provides you with different solution

Simplest But Effective; Hard Reboot Your Device and Wi-Fi Router

Hard Rebooting your device is close to being 100 percent effective because it solves almost every problem of “iPad, iPhone not connecting” to wireless (Wi-Fi).
How To Hard Reboot?
On your iOS device, hold the power button until the power off slide shows up. Slide across your screen and wait for the device to power off. Then press the power button until the Apple logo shows up on your screen.
The final thing to do now is restarting your router.
Note: Now try connecting your iPad, iPhone to the wireless. You should now be able to connect your iOS device to the wireless device, but if you still can’t connect try any other solution that was provided in this article.

Click Forget Your Device
If you connected Earlier to a router but suddenly couldn’t connect again, simply press the “Forget Your Device” option on your device, then try to connect again. Any luck after trying the Forget Device option? If No move to the below step

Airplane Mode: ON/OFF
If your iPhone, iPad or iPod is still not connecting to your Wi-Fi, Airplane Mode may also solve the problem for you. Simply follow the steps provided below
Navigate to Settings
Move to Airplane Mode
Click Airplane Mode
Turn On
Wait for like 3 seconds before turning it OFF
Note: This Solves connection related issues on both iOS and Android devices.

Reset Your Network Settings
Resetting Network Setting also solves the issue of iPad, iPod and iPhone not connecting to wireless (WI-FI) in most cases.
How to reset your Network Settings
In your iPad/iPhone/iPod settings:
General > Reset > Reset all Settings
Leave a comment below if it works!!

Note: If all the solutions provided below doesn’t work, it means you are getting something wrong. Make sure your router is working properly, unplug your router 15-20 seconds and plug back in.
If all method fails, restore device through iTunes or visit the nearest Apple repair outlet.

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