Why Is Apple so popular? Do they really worth it?

In this post, I will explain the major reason why Apple is so popular and better... lets roll.
I am an industrial & interaction designer (AKA I spend almost all of my time analyzing the minute details of both product design/manufacturing as well as user interfaces). I've seen many arguments over Apple's success revolve around the marketing vs. engineering debate (which there is truth to), but IMO the determining factor has always been design.
By "design" I mean beyond visual aesthetic, into how a product interacts with the user, integrates into their lives, and behaves within a system of other products. In this area, I do believe Apple has developed a mature understanding of how to create a better product experience for their users that other companies have not reached yet.
Centering around the macbook and competing products, if you stripped away all the housing, interface, and supporting infrastructure to just focus on technological specs, each company would be hard-pressed to outcompete the others (especially price-wise). If we add back the housing, what would draw someone to the MacBook is the acute level of detail in production and design of the case. High-grade aluminum with extraordinarily low tolerances used in a unibody, hence a more sturdy and seamless housing. This is coupled with a neutral and minimal design aimed to create the least amount of interference with the user's interaction with the screen.
If we add back the screen and the interface, someone might choose a macbook over another laptop because of the design of the OS. Great UI facilitates what the user wants to do in the least amount of steps and distractions possible; here I believe Apple excels. Hiding background processes, easy search functions, and included software aimed at making things you already do as easy as possible (organizing/making photos, music, movies, e-mail, etc.)
Adding back the supporting infrastructure, someone might buy a MacBook for the system that it is apart of. Apple has designed ecosystem of products so that when you purchase a single item, you're also paying for the help support at Apple Stores, the syncing and compatibility to have all your files on multiple devices, and the cloud software/storage that links everything together. In all honesty, no one pays because they want an iPod, they pay because they want a device to connect to the convenience of iTunes/iTunes store.
So sorry for the blabber if you see it as such, but this to me is why Apple has seen such success from their products as opposed to other companies. They focus on creating a better design and user experience, from the minute production details to the whole system itself, and it goes to show that good design sells. Of course, it doesn't appeal to everyone, but a product never will.
tl;dr Design and user experience has been the determining factor for why Apple is so popular currently

Also, When it comes to the interface both in osx and ios, there's a minute attention to detail that creates a very visceral feel to the actions you take. The way they've handled the transitions and animations for all the actions you can take makes the interface fun and enjoyable to use on an emotional level.
What I'm talking about is the weight of the screen when you flick down a page on an iPhone, the way that you fly into the icons when you launch an application (it's fast so it's barely noticeable unless you're looking for it) or how an email crumbles and goes into the bin when you delete it.
All of these things have long been neglected by the Windows and Android people (they're catching up though).
Why Is Apple so popular? Do they really worth it? Why Is Apple so popular? Do they really worth it? Reviewed by Mr Admin on December 20, 2017 Rating: 5

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