Why is your cellphone hot?

Did your cell phone start to be unusually hot? Do you feel that your mobile phone is going to make a hole in your pocket? Is your phone so hot that it turns itself off? Then here are some of the most common reasons why this may happen and how best of all you can try to fix it.

Cell phones can get hot easily. Smartphones are electronic after all, so if you're a new smartphone owner and you're worried about your hot cell phone, then your phone might be fine, but cell phones should not get HOT. If your cell phone is heating up and you think some of the components can be damaged or cause harm, then you are in the right place. Here we will also show you how you can prevent it from happening?

Also, all before you start, keep in mind that this article is geared more to fixing smartphones problems of running hot in Android operating system, but most of the tips found in this guide can be applied to almost any Smartphone that is hot or overheating regardless of your operating system or software on which it runs.

Where does it seem that your cell phone is getting hot?
The first thing I recommend is to identify the area of your phone that seems to be heating up.Probably there are no ads on the phone device. It may be battery or charger errors. So, where does your phone seem to be getting hot?

Warm cell phone back
If the phone begins to warm up you should know where. Probably this cell phone might be warm on the back where the battery which is because of the battery overheating or the phone itself is hot.

If it seems that your phone is hot especially where the battery is located, take a few seconds to see if a smartphone's battery is overheating. Replacing a defective battery will be much cheaper and less troublesome than trying to repair or replace a cell phone that overheats.

Check out that article and if the battery passes the test of battery, then that's fine, then you can go back to this guide to review some of the possible causes of why your cell phone overheats and, of course, some solutions on how to fix it.

The phone is hot in the bottom area
Is the phone heating up towards the bottom where you plug the charger? Is your cell phone just heating up while you connect it to the charger? If that is true, then there may be a problem with the character set. Be sure to try a different charger, preferably one approved for the manufacture of your cell phone, to see if your phone continues to warm up.

If a new charger for the user can reduce the heat problem and he enjoys his cell phone in operation then it's charger problem. If not, you can take a look at some other things.

Heat on the back of the battery compartment
If the back of the camera gets hot quickly and not the location of the battery, there is a good chance that the mobile phone itself overheats. If that is the case, there may be a valid reason that you should read in the section that is detailed below.

Cell phone heats by the speaker
If there are parts of the cell phone that gets hot, most especially getting hot on your ear, then it is a big problem, because the user may suffer from irritation, getting burnt on the ear. And there is possibility that this is a problem with the cell phone itself. See the cell phone troubleshooting tips below for some possible solutions and, better yet, some possible solutions.

Cell phone screen is very hot
Cell phone screens can get hot, of course, but if the touch screen or screen gets too hot or too warm, this indicates that there is a problem with the cell phone itself, and you should consider the following.

How to fix a cell phone that keeps overheating
Now that we've reduced it to the phone and it's not a problem with your phone's battery or charger, it's time to discuss what came up here in the first place; how to fix an Android that overheats.

Too many things running
Things on a cell phone are like things in life. They can certainly accumulate over time and sometimes even seem overwhelming. If you can have an unusually warm cell phone, then that means you have these applications running on your phone. It has a child process cell, like the application, it is running in the background.


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