Your opinion on 2017 Macbook Air + 2017 iPad Pro combo

Just curious what you’d do in this situation. I’m newly purchasing a 2017 MacBook Air because I made the horrible decision to sell my 2015 Macbook for a 10.5 iPad Pro with a Brydge Keyboard for work. Although it feels like a mini, mini MacBook, I’m still pretty limited on what I can do.
Instead of continuing to be reckless, I just bought a 2017 MacBook Air with 250gb to stay current vs a 2013 MacBook Air, knowing that it’s already kind of “stuck in the past”. I had the 2014 Macbook with the USB C charging port (from an older MacBook Air) and truthfully I disliked the dongle and the 1 port situation. Plus I thought doing simple things like opening multiple files would bog it down easily. I concede that the screen on the MacBook is much better than a MacBook Air’s (of course) it’s been so long for me...has there been ANY noticeable improvements to specs and screen quality from a 2017 MacBook Air vs a 2011 MacBook Air?
It’s like a weird trade off - an up to date computer with a non-retina screen, and a smaller boi that is a beast screen-wise. I’m literally only using the Air for work like e-mails, document editing, file sharing, browsing, basic bih stuff like that and don’t do any audio or photo editing at all. I’m a filthy casual. With all of that said, altogether, this was almost $1200. It’s an Apple refurb, so I’ll have 14 days to return it. Would you stick with it or should I get an older Macbook from 2013? PC is not an option for me I’ve sold my soul to the devil. I hated the USB C charging port I want the magnetic charger and multiple USB ports. I’m just nervous that an older Macbook from the past will start getting “out of date” faster and faster and I’ll be in 2019 trying to sell a 2013 Macbook haha. Any tips/ suggestions?
Thank you for reading!
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